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**BURSARIES AVAILABLE** Stuart Bray's Mould Making Course 18th - 22nd Sept 2017

  • £80000

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Movie House Bursary Support for Artists Training at Titanic Creative Management
WHEN: Mon 18th to Fri 22nd September 2017 - 10am to 5pm
HOW MUCH: £800 [or £200 deposit + £200/month for 3 months on our PAYMENT PLAN]
WHERE: Titanic Creative Management Studio, Belfast
IS THIS COURSE FOR ME? There are a lot of complex processes covered in this week so a determination to learn is needed. Previous knowledge of the process of mould making is desirable.

Creating prosthetics and props involves several processes. Making moulds is the one crucial step which needs to be done right - sculpts can be changed, paint jobs redone, casts can be repeated…but all these things hinge on a successful initial mould. Moulds can be made in a variety of materials, the most common of which are  plaster, silicone, urethane and epoxy. Regardless of the materials used, all still use the same basic principles and all are required to do the same job - create an accurate duplicate of an original model again and again. Familiarity with material behavior and the basic principles of mould making are the keys to successful outcomes. Stuart's Mould making course aims to offer experience with moulds and troubleshooting through demonstrations and practical assignments.

Over the five days students will work on:

  • Plaster moulds - single and multi-piece moulds.
  • Alginate moulds - quick and easy for fast moulding.
  • Silicone moulds - block, flat and brush-on moulds.
  • Urethane moulds - small block moulds are larger shells.
  • Epoxy moulds - fast becoming a professional choice for appliances.
  • Moulding Prosthetics - appliances are thin and accuracy is crucial
  • Lifecasting - making moulds of people. Mould making can seem daunting, but understanding the main materials, why and how they are used and getting your hands dirty making your own moulds is the best way to get to grips with the craft.

Once you understand how moulds and materials work, you can confidently approach the task. Each of the five days will start with a presentation, followed by a demonstration and then a practical assignment to allow you the full experience. Making moulds is something Stuart does all the time in his workshop. Stuart, through this course, will walk students through his thought process when approaching how to make his moulds. Document your progress, ask questions and enjoy supplied notes and tutorials to help support your time in the workshop to help you continue your journey into prosthetics. The idea is to supply you with a logical and repeatable process so you can do this stuff again.

    All tools and materials provided.

    ABOUT THE TUTOR: Stuart Bray is a freelance special effects makeup artist working in the film and television industry since 1994. During that time he has worked on a number of features including Saving Private Ryan, The Mummy 1 & 2, Gladiator, Blade 2, Shaun of the Dead and Stardust, 47 Ronin and most recently on Season 4 of the HBO show Game of Thrones working for Barrie Gower. He specializes in all the processes involved in making prosthetic appliances and make-up effects from design, sculpting, moulding, casting and application.

    Over the last several years he has also been a visiting tutor for a number of makeup schools as well as running his own special effects workshops. He created the online e-course 'How to make & apply AWESOME latex prosthetics... without using a lifecast!' and has recently released the 'Spectacular Sculpt Gel™' DVD.

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